Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rabbits and Spain. Also Ghent

Questions multiply. I still haven’t figured out why the rabbits wanted to hide Spain, nor why they didn’t succeed better. Of course, it may be that they succeeded far better than any of us know, and the Spain we see is merely a small portion of the Spain we don’t. This blog has been accessed nine times by people in Germany – perhaps one person who keeps making the same mistake, typing “Shrewsburyclock.blogspot.com,” when he or she means to type “catvideos.org” – and one Venezuelan. If a German is willing to look into this question of what the rabbits are up to, the Venezuelan might be willing to translate.

Meanwhile, another poem from Ghent.

They tell you, when you begin in Ghent
The most junior Tourist Bureau employee
That you must never show surprise.
No one plans to visit Ghent
Yet somehow there are tourists
Each and every one of whom
Has taken a wrong turning.
Some missed the left at Alberquerque;
Others, midway in life’s journey
In a dark forest, paused
And Vergil passed them by.
Not Hell do they visit; only Ghent.
Help them make the best of it and never
Say what brought you here.

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