Thursday, March 20, 2014

Perhaps not the day

On My Way to Work ...

An old woman looked at me and gestured
Not afraid, merely routine, two fingers
Turning down flanked by two pointing skyward
Redirecting any evil I meant her
Down another road. I am exorcised,
Yet my only thought of her was that
She was standing at the top of the stairs
Blocking my way unless I took a step left.
Still, she may have seen Satan in my eye
Since I was thinking of him and of what
He and John Milton’s late espoused saint
Said when first they met.

                                      In the elevator
A slender man was juggling his breakfast,
A big orange arcing back and forth
Between his hands. An easy thing to do
But he missed a catch and glared my way.
Whatever business you have with me
Perhaps should wait until tomorrow.

And a note to Michael: Thanks for the comment! Have you  a blog I can look at? Let me know.

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