Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Professor Blood speaks

A book I read – it was mostly about how various writers have reacted to Sundays and sabbatarianism – mentions that William James quotes his friend Benjamin Blood as saying that we should say about religion that we don’t know, but we should say it with good cheer and content. Somehow, perhaps because Benjamin Blood is such a wonderful name, especially for a friend of Henry James’ brother, I wrote this:

Bold Ben Blood from Boston Town
Draped in academic gown
Saying “God? I do not know
And am content to have it so.
Whether He is one or three
Does not matter much to me.
I hear He goes by many names
But, as I’ve told Professor James,
If He should turn up at my door
Some Sunday, between noon and four,
And does not ask to be adored
I think that I can manage “Lord”
And take it kindly if he would
Address me as “Professor Blood.”

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