Wednesday, February 19, 2014

On receiving two identical emails with the subject line "Blah"

One blah arrived and then there came
A second blah; twas just the same!
I searched my heart, my spleen, my knee
Why had two blahs befallen me?
What strange event, what dire misprison
Had said to two blahs “Be ye risen!
Though courage shrink and wisdom fail
Go both ye forth, ye twain e-mail!”
Perplexed, I went to ask the Shah
What could it mean, this double blah?

The Shah, a man of noble mien,
Was sipping from a brass tureen.
He bid me speak and have no fears
Though he’d been dead for thirteen years
I asked him plain: What should I do
With blah ‘clept one and eke blah two?

His fingers drummed his shaven pate
He said “My son, or soon or late,
To peasant, poet, saint and sinner
Asleep, awake, or over dinner
Reciting life’s do re mi fa
There must come the ill note blah
Why is this and whence come blahs?
No one knows, not even shahs.”

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