Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Parmagiano's painting is called
The Vision of
St. Jerome
But it is no such thing.
Take a look at it; (you'll find it
In The National Gallery or
On page 99 of the anthology
Of their hundred best paintings.)
That isn't Jerome at lower right
But just a very old, very tired man
Sleeping quite dreamlessly.
He's plainly crept into the  picture
To get some quiet. St. John the Baptist,
A corkscrew of indignation,
Demands the intruder be expelled
"He's not even painted to scale
His color's off, and there is something
Wrong about his foreshortening!"
"Oh, let the poor man sleep," says Mary.
"If it is Jerome," Baby Jesus asks,
"Do you think he'll let Me pet his lion?"

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