Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Baba Yaga has refused for days to leave her house
The other gods fear she’s plotting against them.
From a poem they pick Amphinomous,
The most nearly successful of Penelope's suitors,
To go and talk to her. Amphinomous
Wants no part of this. The last time he agreed
To visit a woman he ended up staying years
And being killed by Telemachus, whom he’d liked.
Too, he is not sure these are really gods.
Who is the thin black man with a top hat?
Why is that the woman next to him
Balancing a cup on her nose? Still, he supposes
That he’ll end up going. He almost survived
Ten years courting Penelope; how hard can it be
To have a glass of tea with Baba Yaga?

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