Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Only the base of the statue shows
And a bit of the indeterminate garment –
Could be robes; could be a long coat –
The honored dead sometimes put on
When they’re being sculpted,
Politely saving the artist the trouble
Of being over-nice about anatomy.
Still, I know the photo was taken
In Hyde Park, at the Masaryk Memorial.
For years I saw that statue every day
Casually saluting it when I went by.
A young man I’ll know when he’s old
Sits next to the pedestal. My dear fellow!
How well you looked back then
With something rakish about you
And the faintest hint of the engineer
You might have been but for the War.
So you and Masaryk knew each other?
Pity I never knew; we might have shared
A few stories about you.

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