Monday, June 29, 2015


According to the records, George III's ghost
Was first spotted marching with suffragettes
In early 1904. Standing outside
Buckingham Palace
He inaudibly chanted "Votes for women now!"
And unsuccessfully tried to chain himself to the railings.
After that, he became almost a fixture at the protests
Usually appearing in full court dress and powdered wig
But sometimes as an old disheveled man, almost blind,
With a ragged beard and wearing a nightshirt
In a long-surpressed portion of her memoirs
Christabel Pankhurst wrote that she and her friend,
The medium Isopel Graham-Berners, conjured him up
At an otherwise uneventful Mayfair Terrace seance
And he resisted all Graham-Berner’s efforts to dispell him.
"Too," she wrote, "he looked so sad with his blue goggly eyes
That we would have felt it cruel to call in the exorcists.
He and my mother sat for hours in the kitchen
While she read suffragist pamphlets to him
To this day, I'm not sure if he believed in the cause
Or just wanted, for once, to be on the rebels' side;
But perhaps I do him an injustice."
Whitehall still rebuffs
Requests for its files on the king's posthumous career.

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