Monday, June 1, 2015

OCTOBER 28, 1910

Oh it was crowded in that little house!
Packed with angels it was and all of them
Had their wings furled tight but more
Kept crowding in. Orthodox angels
Were crammed against Doukhbors
Who had their noses pressed against
The lordly ears of the Nestorians;
There were even some Islamic angels
Who had known the dying man
Since he was a soldier in the

Since she is at every Russian train station
Anna was there too, waiting to throw herself
Under the
6:08 out of Yelets. Tolstoy
Breathed his last at
6:05. The train pulled in;
Anna climbed the steps and boarded.
Their was no room in first class, which was jammed
With angels hurrying on to Moscow but an ifrit,
Riding in second, gave her his seat.

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