Thursday, June 4, 2015


According to Cornelius Agrippa,
Who so far has never lied to me,
I have three spirits always in tow  --
An invisible entourage who sneak
Onto trains without paying.
One seeks my general salvation
The second to reconcile me
To the forces of destiny. The third --
I ‘m not making this up -- is a lawyer.
He's a demon of profession and his job
Is to get all three spirits pulling together.
On the one hand it soothes my vanity
To know I am perpetually attended
And am a procession. On the other,
I'm not at all sure I'm saved. Destiny, too,
Gives me the cut direct at the gym
And the lawyer, who dresses much better
Than I ever have, drinks because
He so very much resents being invisible.

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