Friday, October 3, 2014


(A man sorely missed, my father!)

It seems to me
There must be sacredness in this world
Or maybe hovering just outside it -
I don't want to define it
I want to expand it.
It's hidden but drops clues to itself -
No, not hidden but perceptible only afterwards
A favorite coat found long afterward
In the recesses of an unused closet;
Someone you know who's just died;
A plain man when, for an evening,
He gets to put on a tuxedo;
The granddaughter who once wouldn't rest
Till she sat next to you;
The neighborhood you revisit after forty years;
The earth when you're preparing to leave it;
Yourself, maybe, once you're gone.

God the Executive
Doesn't tell everything He knows
Gets information from you He's already heard elsewhere
Gives broad instructions and leaves it to you to figure out what He meant
Makes each subordinate think He's keeping an eye on him
Gives hints to each that he's His favorite.

1 comment:

  1. I really enjoy the first poem. Such nice imagery in the instances he relates to this sacredness.