Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Zvei Max

Ways to tell my grandfather Max from Max the Emperor:
My grandfather is the one who was never
Duke of Carinthia nor of Brabant, Lorraine, Styria,
Limburg, Carniola, Luxembourg, or Gelderland.
He wasn’t the Landgrave of Alsace either
Nor, no matter how much you pleaded, could he
Have made you a margravine, a herzog or even a graf
On the other hand, if you wanted a warm coat
Applying to the Emperor would have been useless;
The man couldn’t even thread a needle!


The Emperor is the one whose mother
Did not give him a tallis bag when he was thirteen;
My grandfather, in return,never gave Henry VIII
A helmet with rams horns and spectacles;
I suppose this makes them even.

As to ghosts, the Emperor saw more than a few
My grandfather, I believe, only knew one. Maybe two.

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