Thursday, April 7, 2016


The part of the story they leave out
Is that just before the latest bride
Can touch the forbidden doorknob
The ghost of Dr. Erwin Schrödinger appears
Saying “For God’s sake, Miss, don’t!
According to my calculations
(And my cat has checked the numbers
Three times and a half)
Until you open that door
All former brides are alive and not alive
Murdered and not murdered.
More than that, all of them
Have written best-selling novels
Some of them have written best-selling novels
None of them even knows how to write
Except Mary-Lou, who pens the occasional feuilleton.
Until you open that door
They have all made ground-breaking discoveries
And none of them has, though Mary-Lou
Has built her own clock-radio.

Leave the door alone and you’ll be so happy
That God will wonder at it
Saying ‘I never made her
To be so happy as all that!’
While being so sad you’ll not go out
In daylight lest the heart of the world
Break into pieces too small and jagged
Ever to be put back together,
And all the other brides
Who will live and not live at the same time
Will be so happy, so sad
Except Mary-Lou. There’s no predicting Mary-Lou.”
But the bride doesn’t listen
And Schrödinger wishes he had stayed home
Sending his cat – a persuasive animal – instead.

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