Tuesday, May 26, 2015


"Still, O'Nolan never forgot about eternity."
-- Myles Before Myles, John Wyse Jackson, editor; Chapter 1

No truer word was ever spoken!
I can well remember crawling
Over the rooftops at dawn
And O'Nolan caroling out
"Don't you ever wonder
What Eternity is doing now?
Is he still, do you think,
The laughing boy we knew
Or has Time, his old enemy,
Made him lean and sober?"
Once, when someone refused
To loan him six groschen
O'Nolan's eyes were pinpoints
"Eternity," he said, "would never
On the worst day ever he had
Have treated me so!"

In the old days I was never
As close to Eternity as O'Nolan
Though we smiled when we met;
I was too shallow for him.
There was also bad blood
Between him and Infinity who is
Some sort of cousin of mine,
Though many times removed.
When O'Nolan died, though,
Eternity gave me a lift home
From the services.

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