Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Baba Yaga, bored, has been reading about herself
“Did you know,” she asks Perrun, who drops by
To talk about the weather, “that I am often associated
With certain types of mushrooms, a type of cake
And also a pear? I am kin to evil Czech wood nymphs
As well as a slow-moving Lithuanian sort of elf.
I appear in a list of deities in Mikhail Lomonosov’s
Great work Russiiskaia Grammatika
There are, it says, sometimes three of me; all
Called Baba Yaga. One of them is sometimes kind
Which one do you suppose I am?” Perrun says
“Not the kind one, I think; I have been here an hour
And you have not offered me any food; no tea
No mushrooms, no pear, and certainly no cake.”

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