Monday, April 27, 2015


When not dancing the life from faithless men
The willis occupy their time as best they may.
Some turn scholar, learning to speak to goblins or
Rusalkas or troglodytes, or discussing with kobolds
The finer points of occult mineralogy.
Others cultivate plants or a languid manner
Or spend days reading every page of scholarly journals.
Around 1500 one of them became a discalced nun
From sheer boredom. On visiting days God
Would talk to her from the other side of a grating
But, though she enjoyed His company, she never
Even thought of believing in Him. The other nuns,
Clubbing together their poverty, purchased her a soul
Which she kept in its original wrapping until 1945.
Why she passed it on then I have never learned
But I promise I will tell you if I do.

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