Wednesday, February 11, 2015


In Spanish the Angel of Death is called Angel de la Muerte
His headquarters take up three floors in central Buenos Aires
And there are branches pretty much everywhere. His brother
La Muerte de los Angels, the Death of Angels, is less busy –
How often, after all, do angels die? Still, Providence
Felt he was a good idea and so he spends long days
Wearing a dark suit and a string tie in a small office
Over a cafe. He used to make plans involving trumpets
And fiery scythes. He still has them in a lower drawer
But now intends, if ever summoned, just to improvise.
On summer nights, he goes downstairs and plays
Bandoneon with a tango orillero group. Then, if you set a pin
Before you on the table you may see angels dancing
Though they prefer the more modern milonguero style.

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