Monday, February 2, 2015


About 20 minutes or so into the set
And 1 minute, 35 seconds into Body and Soul
The pianist startles, pauses, and then
Launches into Hall of the Mountain King
Though he had been planning on
An elaborate bit of flashy noodling
But –he never saw her come in --
The King of the Troll’s beautiful daughter
Is in  Mesner’s tonight! Sitting alone
Towards the back of the crowd
Having ducked once more out of Peer Gynt.
Of all the places she could have gone
This cold midwestern night, she is here!
Pleased at the compliment, she finishes her drink
And climbs on the table. Her dress is simple –
Where can she have been hiding
A vibraphone? Still, she has one now
And flourishes a pair of mallets. The tenor sax –
It is, after all, his trio -- nods consent;
He blows out the notes of Paper Moon
And gestures her the first solo.
There is a recording of that night
Rare – almost impossible, in fact, to find
And different every time it is played.

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