Monday, August 25, 2014


In some world where they do things better
Paradise Lost is a comedy, ending in a marriage
The evidence is all there: Eve and Satan
Were meant for each other. Milton could not
Conceal the strength of their attraction;
Satan softens when he sees her, almost forgetting
Who he is; she hears music when he speaks.
Adam means well, but is the fiance foisted on Eve –
The role Ralph Bellamy plays as he waits
For Cary Grant to cut him out again –
In Act Last, God would play out his role:
The Angry Father Who Finally Forgives
And blesses the errant lovers. Jesus, I think,
Would do well as the wily servant who sets things right.

After the climax, we might see Sin and Death
Performing their vaudeville routines
Which somehow never grow old.

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