Friday, May 9, 2014


(For Friday, some poems my father wrote.)

Act now, and God will send you
Two good friends, valued at $19.95 each
An understanding heart
Plus, if you mail in your letter right away,
Wisdom at your right hand
And understanding at your left.
Ah, if only you knew the address.

Part of our brain
Sees with our grandfather’s brain,
Viewing sights we never saw:
The boys in small suits
Gathered down by the village stream
The women in head kerchiefs
The faces aware of hard work still to be done.
Men scrambling in the market place.
Our own grandchildren will wonder why they see
Mario Giordano and Walter Bradley
Solly Einbender and Junior Kaufman
And the empty lot where we dug to China.

People once loved then shunted to one side
Have responded coldly to our call for help;
If we can no longer count on the undying devotion
Of those we've hurt
How is the world to get along?

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