Saturday, April 19, 2014


There are ways of sending letters in dreams
But no sure ones. Postmen from Thurn und Taxis,
Gallant men all, are reliable, but can scarce read
And insist the address be in old German
Blackletter, looking as if an arthritic spider
Has crawled from the ink and merrily danced
Defiant of its eight-legged woes.

The Royal Waverly Mail is much praised
But they will not exist for a century or more
And avert their eyes when we speak to them
Thinking they deal with spirits.

Best, perhaps, to find some dream-haunting beast,
Chimera, unicorn, manticore, rok,
And ask it to keep your letter until the adressee
Dreams of it. If you use this method I recommend
The Antichrist. He’s trusty, appears in many dreams
And – this is important, so mark it well –
Has pockets in his fulgin clothes.

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