Monday, August 1, 2016


When you pray in Etruscan nowadays
Usually Fufluns or Selvans will answer
The others have mostly sloped off.
Lenith, a skilled death goddess,
Writes unhappy romance novels;
Turan drinks; Achuvzr went home
To Samothrace where at least
They can pronounce his name.
Culsans works as a carpenter,
Calu as a wolf. Knives sharpened by Culso
Never break, never dull, never darken
(They can also speak. From its drawer,
I can hear mine complaining
That I used it to pry open a jar.)
Fufluns takes being a wine god
Far too seriously. His name used to be
Something long and sonorous
But drunks, who needed him most,
Couldn’t get it out. Selvans
Read on Wikipedia that he is
“A civil god.” Since then he has been
Extremely polite, though he knows
“Civil” just means he was a god
Who hung around city limits.
He is the only deity I know who,
Before entering a dream, knocks;
The others just barge right in.

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